Appointment of the Chair of Specialty Coffee Association of Papua (Papua Specialty Coffee)

In a current move by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, a new Chair for Specialty Coffee Association of Papua (SCAP or commonly called Papua Specialty Coffee Association) is appointed by the provincial office. In a recent meeting held in Jayapura, capital of Papua Province, Indonesia, the officials revealed Mr. Selion Karoba’s appointment was issued in 2011, however, one individual officer inside the office of Farm and Fishery had hidden the appointment so far. 

Current governor is implementing special policies to encourage local Papuan entrepreneurs to grow. 

On this occasion, other associations for cocoa, sago, pigs and so on were also announced. Mr. Karoba’s appointment as the Chair of the SCAP should be inaugurated by the Governor in order to avoid such a violation as hiding the governor’s appointment as committed by former officials.

Mr. Karoba says there should be governor’s involvement in the inauguration in order to tell the public knows that he is the chair of Papua Specialty Coffees from now on. He adds, “Now we need to have some sort of competition in Papua for coffee growers and traders to determine the quality of coffee going out to the market from Papua. This is important to guarantee the quality of our product.”