Coffee Addiction

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It’s hot, it smells good, it’s good enough to have every day, it makes me nervous, and it keeps me up all night. There are many reasons why I worship coffee, but is it really the coffee that I’m falling madly in love with, or is it the caffeine that is hidden inside?

Beginning the day with a cup has become a ritual for me during working days. Especially during my college days, brewing a pot the moment the alarm goes off in the morning was a necessity. Without the immediate kick of coffee, I had difficulty doing even the simplest of activities, like walking to class.

Thankfully, there are benefits to drinking coffee. Not only does it wake us up and keep us energized on even the worst days, but if consumed in moderation (about two to four cups per day), coffee drinkers are at a lesser risk of…

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Metode digital Order Kopi di @klinikkopi

Klinik kopi, datang untuk Menawarkan kopi fresh

Metode order kopi akan sangat mudah. Cukup mention ke @klinikkopi menyebutkan jenis kopi apa yg mau di order dan jam berapa anda akan datang. Misal seperti Pak ende ini, :

 Oom pesen Wamena low kafein americano ya … jam 7an dah buka kah?

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