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Baliem Blue Coffee (henceforth BBCoffee), or Balem Arabica Coffee is the name of organic arabica coffee product of the Baliem Arabica Cooperative (Koperasi Serbausaha Baliem Arabica), based in Wamena, West Papua, Indonesia.

Baliem Arabica Coffee Cooperative (KSU Baliem Arabica) was established, and is owned and managed by its 689 members (individuals, families, clans and tribal groups). All profits go to its members where they collectively, all share seedlings and warehouse for processing and storage and for exporting.

KSU Baliem Arabica is a member of The Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI), a trade association that represents farmers, exporters, roasters and retailers of Arabica Coffee in Indonesia. SCAI members export 45% of Indonesia’s Arabica coffee with the value of more than $65 million, based on an average Free On Board price for Indonesia specialty coffee of $3,200 per metric ton.

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