Instant Coffee Revisited

Instant Coffee Revisited was originally published on KSU Baliem Arabica


As mentioned in an earlier post, I have begun drinking instant coffee again. And I must say I enjoyed the first ten drinks or so! The familiar roasty taste of Nescafe made me nostalgic and is instantly recognizable. As a product, instant coffee really is unbeatable.

But instant coffee can only do so much for the palate. Drinking Nescafe Gold and International Roast on some occasions, and specialty coffee on others, it quickly became apparent that instant coffee captures only a slice of the spectrum of aromas and flavours offered up by proper brewed coffee. It’s rather like listening to music through a hi-fi system, and then the same music through tinny computer speakers. You just don’t get the whole picture with the latter.

What prompted me to look closer at instant coffee is this comment from

“Even instant coffee has the components responsible for stimulation of our taste…

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